Sweep 2 won't maintain points of rail curves

I have a set of 6 curves. I want the one that is next to the surface, to be maintained for structure, ie; I want the number and placement of points to be continued along the sweep, but be able to use the other 4 curves to define the shape inside of the surface. I’ve tried surface network, extruding and matching, and sweeping in different ways to no avail. I’m trying to avoid hand editing the surface to get the curvature I need.

Attaching the file as well.

And attachment:

sweep2.3dm (195.4 KB)

Replying with my correct account. This one is the one I purchased Rhino with, the other is my old one.

Is this what you’re after?

These were the Sweep2 settings used…

These are the rails used…

And these are the cross section curves used…

You can also use the edge of the surface and then play with the continuity of the new sweep2 surface with that edge if you want…

If you turn on the points for the 2 surfaces in the first images, they probably don’t line up, do they? The new surface has far more points than the other surface.

Hi Carl - the new surface can match the rails if:

  1. The rails match each other
  2. Any cross section curves are placed exactly on matching pairs of edit points ( EditPtOn ).
  3. Choose ‘Simple sweep’ in the dialog.


Thanks Pascal. That was it! Now I know for the future.