Sweep 2 almost works. I'm not sure which tool?

Here’s another education moment. I was thinking I could Sweep 2 the red curves along the blue curves for the correct shape. It almost works, but goes awry at the top. Is Sweep 2 the correct tool?

EX_SPIDER.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hello - I’d break this up into the individual surfaces.
For instance -


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There is a problem with intersecting control points in the surface you see on this screen-shot. I would replace it with a cleaner version.

EX_SPIDER BG.3dm (1.1 MB)

I never heard of Network in Rhino. Will look it up.

I’m not sure what you mean. Are we talking about the blue or red?

this is what he is saying

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Still don’t get it. What are intersecting control points?

I don’t know what is the error as the sweep worked on that form. Is it where the line has disappeared? If so, why has this happened? How do I rectify it? Is the problem in the creation of my rails?

I suggest to rebuild that surface the following way:

  1. Use “Rebuild surface UV” and choose “Direction=U”, then rebuild by “Point count=5” and “DeleteInput=Yes”.
  2. Once you get that surface cleaned up, use “Match surface” to the side surface edges with “Continuity: Position” and “Refine match”. Leave the rest option un-checked.

I followed your instructions in Step 1. Pic is where I am before I hit enter. however, nothing seems to change after hitting enter. Also, I’m unable to get points to display to see if they are a 5 count. F10 nor Points on int the surface toolbar shows them.

I appreciate the help. This must seem so simple for you guys.

Why you don’t use red curves as rails?

And maybe you need draw other curves

“Rebuild surface UV” will not show a preview of the control point arrangement while the command is active. The preview only shows the eventual shape that will be created after you hit Enter.

Nothing happens after I hit enter. It goes back to “Command”.

This does give better results, and at least I understand how it works. I’m still lost on BG’s rebuild method. But I think it’s something I need to understand.