Pufferfish - Tween 'Implicitly'

I’m curious, what is that work involving tweening of curves?

Well that’s just a small part. Could be using other stuff. Pf is about blending / tweening and morphing of all kinds of geometry not just curves. Tween curves do make some nice visual effects tho.

If I take a quick look I see tweening curves, tweening points, tweening surfaces, tweening vectors :wink: . I don’t find much use of it in my work. I’m truly curious what is it used for.

If I take a quick look I see tweening curves, tweening points, tweening surfaces, tweening vectors :wink: .

Meshes, colors, twisted boxes, etc. All with many options in interpolation types, weighting, equalizations, etc. Blending is a very common design tool and aesthetic. Maybe not in boats tho :wink:. Just look at ZHA type architecture.

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Oh yes, I forgot about tweening colors :slight_smile:

Blending is indeed useful.

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I made a good comment about this. I’m a pragmatic guy.
I see this kind of architecture pointless, and a nightmare for the structural engineer who has to deal with this kind of facades.

I have worked with structural engineers on ZHA projects. They actually enjoyed the challenge !


Well, im not to say I love or hate it. Just giving an example. I use it in footwear these days. My primary inspiration for these tools is Maya’s blendshape and animation logic. Especially, with the weighted average components that let you blend between many things via weights like animators do for facial expressions.

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Well I enjoy challenges, as well, but can you trust them, if they’re under observation, and under the pressure of the deadline?

I would trust those teams with anything, if they have the resources and time needed, which seemed to be the case at the time :slight_smile: . Having a sizeable contingency available was important because you cannot plan everything from the start in detail on a unique building and some financial /time risk is unavoidable so you need an understanding client.

Some design teams are just set up to take on that sort of project. You get used to identifying unknowns and ticking them off one by one.


I’m familiar with this :wink: most ships are unique. Even sister-ships.

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Just updated to V2.6 so those components now have an equalized option. Go try it out.

TweenEQ.gh (12.8 KB)


Wow… awesome, Michael. I feel a little vindicated for what I was first made to feel must have been a stupid idea! :smile: