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Stupid question. Can I tween a number of curves through a set of curves, but not necessarily using the ‘in between’ input curves? So all the in betweens are merely influence, and then I have some kind of uniform distance between the steps? See attached - I want some of the lines to influence acceleration of tweening, but then quickly I get too many steps in between 0-1, whereas I want kinda evenly spaced intervals between 0-4.

Maybe I could use graph mapper but it wouldn’t be intuitive, especially if there’s a feature that can already do this (99% sure I’m just dumb). This just has a domain from 0-4 with 25 steps hooked up. I’m thinking of ways to link distance between end points of curve 0 and curve 4 but it seems over the top.

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At the very least, could you post your geometry please? The code you have would be nice too.

What I can’t understand is if there’s a question, you answered your question with:

Ah dang, not ‘How to ask effective questions’! That’s Discourse101 for ‘we got ourselves a noob here’. I did try to make it effective. The file won’t explain much more than the question and image already does, but here it is.

tween-implicitly.gh (8.1 KB)

I also said it wouldn’t be intuitive, if there is already something which will do this accurately.

Maybe we have a different understanding of the word intuitive

Yep! And like most noobies, you don’t know what information in a model is useful and relevant, At the very least, posting your geometry saves everyone the trouble of duplicating your geometry, quite possibly in ways that don’t match your data. Another day, another noobie arguing about why to follow the suggested procedure. ZZZ…

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He’s not a noob, but… yeah.

I can get something like, this, but it’s just handle dragging rather than anything with defined steps. Thanks guys for typifying exact attitudes for why I send questions to tech@mcneel rather than bothering with here. Sigh.

Apologies - force of habit: tween-implicitly_02.gh (10.0 KB)

They get paid for it, we don’t.

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Now, I really wanted to help you but it seems either the question is not clear or you could not ask it clearly.
The best solution for what I understood the issue is, is GraphMapper.

good point

It is all in the values, use a graph or something similar. Or space your input curves more uniformly. I have some plans to add equalization to the tween curve options like the other tween components I have do, but have not got around to it as curves are more involved than other geometry types, lots of conditions to consider for. It is on my to do list.


try using linear-ish function (knuckled instead of curved)

Thanks Michael. I just presumed there was some obvious component type I had missed. Maybe with more time it’s an equation connecting the distances between consecutive curve ends or something.

@ivelin.peychev Could you describe/show what you mean by knuckled?

:thinking: Uhm, @Michael_Pryor?

Whoops - I’ll get that updated.

I haven’t used Yak yet, many have not yet. You go to food4rhino.

I’ll wait :smiley:


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Probably won’t until I stop supporting Rhino 5. Doesn’t seem worth it to me atm.

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