Tween multi (close curve) in grasshopper

Hi everyone
Is there a way to make this template with grasshopper?
I tried to do this with the pufferfish plugin but failed (also the following template was created with the tweener plugin in Rhino, but if it can be made with Grasshaper it will be very useful or for example this please be added to the pufferfish

TWEEN (3.3 KB) TWEEN MULTI.3dm (435.9 KB)

That plugin is mis-named in my opinion. That is contours (fields, topography), not tweens (by Rhino’s definition). Cool stuff though.

Here is a quick setup to think of it like topography, refine as needed. (13.3 KB)

You can get even more refined and custom results by using shader maps (and I believe the Element plugin has a shader mesh to iso curve component). Anyway, the reason it is not in Pufferfish because it is not a tween, it is height-field contouring and there are plenty of ways to do it already (even with just the fields components if you just want to use point locations). What is nice about that plug-in is the editing system.



If we forget C# and particles and this and that … here’s an other (a bit naive) way to cut the mustard: raise the inner crvs, do a Patch (requires 2 steps) and then do the Contours (and project everything back to start Plane).