Tween Two Curves with uneven spacing along the surface

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if anyone knows how to tween between the curves on the two surfaces but with lower distances at the lowest part and greater at the highest part. Additionally if all the distances vary between them would also be the desired effect. I tried with the graph mapper but didn’t make it work.
I am attaching two images hopefully to make more clear what I mean.

Alexandros (11.5 KB)


this might be a way to do it. Probably need to be tweaked a bit more…

TweenCurves_RE - (18.0 KB)

Hello Jakinta,

This is what I was looking for. Thank you very much.
On my definition though after changing a bit the shapes, the tweening of the curves seems to be reversing between the two curves. I tried flipping the normals but still I have the same issue.
Maybe it is more evident when you use a normal slider on the tween factor and not the graph mapper.
Do you know how I could fix this? (21.8 KB)

Hmm…In that case, maybe this should be better approach.
All surfaces are offset, then original curves pulled on them. (24.7 KB)

Looking great.

Can I have a screenshot of all the part you changed because I have Rhino 5 and some components are missing when I open the file.

Here it is.


Thank you very much one more time Jakinta.

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