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It happens a lot that I make something in grasshopper and I clear the input value and bake the result for several times in just one season of creating something in rhino. So what is the problem?
it’s the ease of access to the series of components that I’ve made to make something faster. is there any way to have an input component to appear in the remote panel? Or having the final geometry in the remote panel?

Also is there any component like a toggle button to add to a component which accepts an input, to make the process of setting and clearing of the data faster? And also the ability to publish it to the remote control. The same goes about the final geometry component.
Assume you’re making some patterns inside the area of different closed curves. And you have the curve component with toggle button of setting and clearing, the final geometry component with the baking button and also a value list of different patterns all published in the remote panel. I guess there will be a lot of time saving here.
I guess a lot of components could be really handy if they had the ability of being published in the remote panel.


HI @paul_jefferson,

Could you maybe post an example? I have a hard time following what you’re saying.
What do you mean by “publishing to a remote panel”? What is this remote panel that you are writing about?
In GH, panels are usually used to preview what data is output by a component and how it is structured, or to declare constants (in contrast to sliders and such, which could be considered variables).

thank you for your reply.
if you right click on something like a number slider, you can see it. you must also enable the panel of grasshopper in the rhino for having the remote panel.


OK, now I understand! Sorry.

It’s unfortunate that Pipeline (Geometry Pipeline) doesn’t have any inputs, because it could otherwise be used to load different geometries by name or layer from Rhino to Grasshopper. Currently you’d probably have to script this yourself. At least, I’m unaware of any plugins that could do this!

For baking, you could setup an Item (List Item) with a geometries list and a slider with integer indices from the geometries list. This way, you can publish the slider and use it to select the geometry that you want to bake. For baking, you can for instance use Bake (Bake Geometry) from Human or Bake (Object Bake) from LunchBox.

The Dynamic Pipeline from Human is just the Geometry Pipeline with inputs :slight_smile:

For @paul_jefferson’s use case, maybe something like the “Objects By Selection” component would work well:

I use the “Or” component to make sure the input to Objects By Selection is always true. (5.0 KB)

Does that help?

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Hi Paul -
In Rhino 7, you can use the GrasshopperPlayer command to run GH definitions from Rhino.
This requires that you insert “getter” components that allow you to have Rhino prompt you for input and a baking component that will insert the result into the Rhino document.

Thank you all for your replies, and sorry for my delay.

Thanks @diff-arch for mentioning Human and lunchBox. Maybe I’m wrong but I just thought as it seems a simple and handy feature, it must be a built-in component somewhere inside of grasshopper and I’m just unaware of it.

Thank you @andheum for the definition. Yes, what you sent for setting the input, can be handy in some cases.

Thanks @wim for the info about rhino 7. I don’t have rhino 7 and I guess it’s still in WIP mode, isn’t it? Also maybe it’s me but a lot of components in grasshopper look handy to me if they had a remote connection to the grasshopper panel in rhino, like a Value List component.
I’m curious what was the logic behind deciding which component should be in the remote panel and which one should not? Are there any changes about the number of the components with the ability of publishing to the remote panel in the rhino 7?

Hi Paul -

Rhino 7 is still a WIP, yes. There’s nothing planned in the GH 1 version that runs in Rhino 7 that will change anything when it comes to publishing on the remote panel. I don’t know if there are any plans of changing this in GH 2 at some point in the future.