Locking Grasshopper preview without baking it to Rhino or internalising data input

I’m using a Geometry Pipeline to update my Grasshopper script with Rhino geometry.
The script runs an analysis and previews the result in the Rhino viewport when a boolean button is pressed. I would like to enable the user to run the analysis for the geometry and then preview those results until the analysis is run again. The analysis is a little heavy and i would like to avoid that the analysis runs everytime the geometry is changed. All without having to bake the result to Rhino.

I would be nice either to be able to lock a custom preview, or to lock the geometry input from the Pipeline Geometry. Is there any way to do this?

NB. I know that data can be internalized, but i would like it to be done from the call of a boolean toogle or botton for simplicity.

Consider the use of Data Dam component.
It will let the data flow only once and only when you press the play button.

About the baking… that depends on your definition, usually in situations similar yours it is a colored mesh that does not need baking at all…

Data dam does the job!

Thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately I can’t Publis to Remote Panel in Rhino though. But it might just have to do.

Hi Lasse -

as an alternative, you could make a list from the real geometry and an empty geometry component and then use a boolean toggle to pick either list item 0 or 1. Or write a simple script that outputs either the one or the other…