Remote Control Panel Input

When I publish a simple yellow panelt to the Remote Control Panel, is there a way to manually input a value/text into it?

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Also is there a way to somehow publish curve/point component and add Set Multiple Curves/Points option?

Hello -

It doesn’t look like you can manually input values into the RCP for the panel or the curve/point nodes.

Instead, you might want to check out this plugin: It should have all of the functionality you are looking for.

And then the Human plugin has an “objects by selection” function.


I have Human, I don’t see how this solves the problem?

It doesn’t directly solve the problem of the built-in remote panel not having much functionality. It does provide the all of the functionality that you are looking for though. You would just use the HumanUI instead of the built-in remote panel.

Oh, I haven’t tried this before. Thanks :slight_smile:

You don’t really need Human UI.

You can use Objects By Selection (SelObj) Node from Human Plugin, and use a native Grasshopper Boolean Toggle or Button (both can be published in Rhino Remote Panel) to control the Reset Input of SelObj.

You can right click SelObj and select Live mode as well.

With SelObj Live Mode on and Boolean Toggle True (connected to SelObj Reset) you can click ie. a curve and instantly see Grasshopper definition output.

Be careful, SelObj will pass any kind of data in ie. your curve input, so you better use a Human SortByType Node to filter out any other type of data and use only your desire (ie. Curve or Surface).

That will ensure that your definition will not Lock up. In my case Selecting a surface or Polysurface or Group parshes all the edges as curves (i presume). That is very powerful and handy, plus proves what a great job Andrew Heumann has done in this Plugin, but if you do not use it wisely it can lock up your workflow.

Add a Human Bake Node with a Grasshopper Button and you can also bake from the Remote Panel to work fast.

I have used such a workflow for staircase design, but when points are turned on you lose the Grasshopper realtime feedback, because the curve gets deselected.

Have tried various combinations but still cannot find a way to retain interactivity everywhere.

If anyone has some thoughts on how to overcome these, he is welcome.

Hope this resolved your problem, greetings.

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