Proxys in Rhino

Hello everyone, I need to work with a huge architectural geometry (as a reference) that slow a lot my file. There is a way to transform it like a “proxy”?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @armengoligasull,
for huge architectural models, the best practise is to have them as separate files, and if possible, divided into logical sections, such as facade and interiors, landscape, per floor, etc…

Then inside the files, they become much lighter if you convert them to meshes. Meshes in general are much more light weight to have as a reference. Less usable, if you need to access geometry.

To reference the files, use either Worksessions, or linked, referenced blocks. Linked and referenced (so non active) blocks, in my experience, are most light weight, but do not allow selection of individual geometry. So it depends on your need and use of the reference model - is it just visual, or do you need access to the geometry.

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Hi @armengoligasull,

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by proxy. Perhaps you can explain further?

For really large models, often times it’s nice to turn on bounding box display. This will speed up dynamic drawing operations, like panning and zooming.

– Dale

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Thank you all @Toni_Osterlund and @dale !!! I definitely will try all of the options: turn the geometry to mesh, learn how to work with workstation (never did it before), referenced blocks and the bounding box display mode in wireframe!
WoooW! You help me a lot!
@dale do you know if I can set some objects in wireframe mode and some in shaded mode in the same viewport??

Try using Worksessions with nurbs models first. For me, this works out-of-the-box 90-percent of the time. Next to my Rhino model I have a folder for other “Base models”, such as structural, architectural, HVAC, etc. All saved to the same project coordinates, and I can just load them into my working file as needed. Minimum hassle. And when they update, I just update that one particular file, and update the worksession reference.

Use _SetObjectDisplayMode command in Rhino. This will not affect the bounding box setting Dale mentioned, but will also help to speed reference models’ display if you set them to wireframe.

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Thank you @Toni_Osterlund I didn’t know this command. Also, I found a quick way to do the same, just in case anyone out there is having the same issue: you can change the display mode of the selected object in the property panel. Find the image below.