Rhino viewport is very slow?

Hi, i wonder if its just me, or Rhino viewport is very slow. i have a model consist of rougly 60 NURBS Surfaces and 1million quad mesh i made in Grasshopper and 3dsmax. (The model consist of 7 towers with each is an instance or “blocks”. i am having a hard time rotating and panning the viewport when I display render or shaded+wire+show mesh wire. i dont want to hide my geometry because i am using it as a reference snap point for my modelling.

When i open the file in 3dsmas I have no problem navigating viewport, panning and zooming is very smooth, i wonder if Rhino use different method of displaying geo compard to 3dsmax or perhaps I didnt know a trick to make rhino viewport more memory efficient. Anybody knows?

My cmputer runs with 4Gb RAM and 1GB graphic card. I7 processor.

Hi Runnie- if you hide the surfaces does the mesh spin OK by itself?


Its the same when i hide the surface. What i know NURBS is heavier than mesh, that is why i try to produce mesh or polygon for the final product. So i always keep the amount of NURBS surface minimum .

However then, havng almost all model as a mesh turns out slowing down the viewport. Its that 1 mil. mesh that makes the viewport heavy, strange thing, shaded-with wire mode is heavier than rendered mode.

Is it possible to “cache” selected geometry inside a graphic card ? (i heard this method is used if you are working on a very dense file) to save more memory. I am not a computer genious, so I might hear it wrong though.

This is not the first time i had trouble with dense model. last time when i work on a file with trees as block reference… I have to set the tree “leaves” mesh to wireframe mode and leave the rest to rendered mode, to navigate smoothly in my viewport, but when it comes to landscape modelling, sometim having all the model displayed as rendermode helps you to make design decision, it would be awesome for rhino to be able to selectively store geometry in a way that doesnt slow down your viewport.

One thing to add. Can we possibly set HUD for the number of srf,polysrf and mesh in my scene? (Like put it in the corner of th screen, just to aid organizing the file)

why hasn’t anybody answered this man’s question, seriously. i’m having the same issue.

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A lot is being done to speed up display in Rhino 6 (you could download a WIP version but the improvements are not completely implemented yet so that wouldn’t be a very good test at the moment).

Apart from that - how big is your file? A lot of curves or only (poly-)surfaces? Meshes?

When files get very big, you’ll have to manage the scene by hiding things, lowering the mesh count in the display settings, meshing things you are not working on and hiding the NURBS geometry, …