Proposal: Named Objects Panel

(Luc Adriaenssen) #1

In Bongo every animated object gets a name. Working on a complex model I often use the Bongo Animation manager as a kind of ‘catalog’ of objects which allows me to :
• get an overview of the named objects
• select a specific object (or multiple objects) by its name
• easily rename an object(s)

Without the plugin Rhino users only have the SelName command to manage (i.e. select) named objects.

I suggest a ‘Named Objects’ panel similar to Named Views, Named Positions and Named CPlanes. A graphical visualization of the objects nature (point, curve, surface, polysurface, group, block)like in Bongo’s Animation Manager would be helpful.
In the named Position a similar graphical visualization of the concerned object might be interesting, leaving the current icon for multiple objects.


McNeel is well into their second decade of ignoring requests for this type of feature. Don’t get your hopes up.


Hi. @jordy1989 was kind enough to make a very useful plugin on the thread below which I use every day since. Thanks again - Michael VS
I think this will do what you require, and replace the Bongo utility.


This is awesome. Does anybody know if there is a way to try this out in the Rhino WIP?

(Luc Adriaenssen) #6

Thanks Michael, the plugin is nice.
I miss the standard Window’s edit ‘at the spot’ to rename an object, though. And indeed Michael I miss some kind of highlighting in the panel when an object(s) itself is selected via a Rhino viewport.
The object nature’s icon would be welcome, as well as the reflection of the object’s layer via the color of the name’s font.

Yes, the plugin is fine but I feel a build-in Rhino panel would be far more elegant.

BTW Bongo’s Animation Manager does more than displaying object’s names. I primarily manages object’s Hierarchies and hence is irreplaceable.

(Luc Adriaenssen) #7

Some utilities:
• Graphical info on objects that are hidden (or on hidden layers) –e.g. grayed out
• Various sorting orders: by Name (alphabetic up/down), by object Type (point, curve, …), by Layer (alphabetic or custom order (ref to layer panel)), visual/hidden or hidden/visual.

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Luc- we do have this on the pile, the request is not currently one of the public ones so I cannot link it, but it’s there and I’ve added a link back here as a sort of +1 (or many) to that request.



(Luc Adriaenssen) #10

Thanks Pascal. It just seemed a good idea. Notice: 9 likes (so far).