Proposal: more useful preview w/ exporting to polygons (.fbx .3ds etc)

I would like to export an object in a polygon format, the prompt “polygon mesh options” pops up where I can adjust how detailed my output should be.

The preview would be pretty useful, but in the current form it’s pretty much impossible to check the end result. The new polygon object is placed in pure wireframe on top of the shaded wireframe of the NURBS model.

What if the preview would switch automatically to e.g. the arctic viewport, so that the user can quickly check if the end result is detailed enough of if it has to be adjusted further? Obviously the “source” NURBS object should be hidden completely. I don’t think it’s necessary to have the source object visible when it’s purely about a conversion.

I don’t think that’s currently possible.
The geometry preview display is not equivalent to the working display modes.
It’s a simplified, pared down, bare minimum to give you a fairly good idea, but to remain fast.


Hi Daniel - there are some improvements for the meshing process visualization in the bug pile, some of which may get to V8 - but I think if you care about the details, the only really good way out is to run the Mesh command, get what you think will work, hide the input and inspect the mesh - it can be helpful to use flat shading to see the mesh without vertex normals. Then if it is OK, export the mesh directly. It is more steps, to be sure but if you are being that careful it probably pays.