Preview mode when Exporting Polygon Objects / Converting NURBS to Polygons

As it is a central part of my work I use Rhino as the instrument of choice for converting NURBS-based CAD-Files into Polygon-Meshes for further usage in 3D Animation programs.
While I am overall very satisfied with Rhino I am desperately missing on small feature:
the possibility to shade-highlight objects on Export / Conversion NURBS > Mesh when hitting the preview button in the respective dialog, as e.g. handled in MOI.
Currently I see all resulting polygons, also the hidden ones and the hidden lines, which results in a very confusing view that makes it almost impossible to finetune the settings.
Is there any possibility get an preview with shade-highlighted obejects in this preview?

Thanks, I’ll test here and see if that cannot be tuned up. And presumably this applies to Rhino for Windows as well I guess.


Hi Andibeh- here, if the view is in shaded mode and shade highlighting is in Shade Highlight mode, I do not see any mesh wires from the preview button, only the shading meshes. That does not sound, quite, like what you describe, right? Still not very useful or anything, I just want to be sure I am testing the right thing.

Does it all work better if the view is in boring old wireframe for the export process?


i think the suggestion is anti-wireframe mode which is how the mesh wires currently show up during preview…

it now looks like this: (which can be sort of confusing)

and the suggestion is the ability to show only the mesh wires in shaded mode (so only the visible-to-the-user wires are being displayed during the preview) ?

Sorry for expressing myself so confusing.

What I meant is exactly the lower picture jeff_hammond posted.
A shaded-hiddenline-wire mode … :wink:

In MOI, for example, you can even select different shading / wire modes in the preview window, when you have chosen converting NURBS to Polygons during an export.

Two links to screenshot of the respective preview windows:

I get you- thanks.