Proposal for displaymode setting for more selected GH nodes in one step

It would be nice to solve the following problem in Rhino8 Grasshopper:

I am using GH with “Display” setting DrawIcons = On:

I am using Autograph plugin for the easier organisation of my GH code.

I have to spend a lot of time making the text (as I have named the nodes) visible.

At the moment the only way to do this (to change the “Display mode” of the nodes) is by clicking them one by one .

It would be helpful if all the selected GH node would change their displaymode as I have changed one of the selected.

To change the visibility or enable/disable works for more selected nodes in one step, To change the display mode for more selected nodes ned to work the same way.

I hope it would help for others too !



hi @Schell

see attached. It contains 3 c# scripts. It will allow you to change selected icons to use either the application setting, icon or name. (7.4 KB)

Hi Gijs,

Thank you very mutch for the GH ICON/NAME display changing code!
It works fine, as I needed.

But for the real efficiency of use this function in the praxis (for big GH definitions) it would be good to make available these options:
or for rightclicking the selected elelemt(s)
or to appear in the radial menu.

Thanks again!