Change the display mode of the selected nodes by one click

Dear Members,

I use grasshopper with Draw Icon Display setting, to keep the nodesizes small.
I also use Autogtaph to keep the definnition well organised.

When I create and name new AutoGraph nodes (Ctr-Alt-Left), and I would like to make the names visible, I have to change the Display settings of these nodes.

In case I’d like to keep the Draw Icon setting general for the definition, I can do this only one-by one, and this job is a timeconsuming and boring process.

The visibility- or enalbe/Disable settings of the nodes are working for the selected group using the radial menu. Unfortunately there is no function in the radial menu for do the sam way the Display setting.

Is it possible to add this functionality to the Radial menu by the user?
When yes, please let me know how!

In case of not possible, I would like to suggest/ask the developer to add this function to the radial menu to be able to switch this option for all the selected nodes!

Many thanks in advance,

Forget the radial menu. All parameter options should be carried out on all selected parameters just doing it in one of them.

Hi Dani,

Thank you for your answer!

I konw that the name of the first node is herited through the chain. But they are not visible, and I would like to have visible names for the better readability.