Different Display Modes with Grasshopper

hello everybody! :slight_smile:

i am trying to get a custom preview from gh geometry with the pen display mode for example.
render preview works totally fine, but changing to any other display mode wont fit anymore compared to rhino geometry previewed.

i am using human the achive the preview from gh

what i am actually looking after is a method to animate gh sliders and capture gh and rhino geometry simultaneously and save the frames. i d love to have the rendered look with silhouettes - but that seems to be a well discussed topic from what i have seen so far.
so i had the solution to animate everything twice and combine rendered and pen (customized) afterwards.

i also tryed to achive everything in gh itself, but i cant figure out, how to do the silhouettes for rounded objects.

outlines.gh (118.5 KB)

i hope you have an idea how to approach this best - i would be very grateful!!!
thank you all in advance, all the best, stefan :slight_smile: