How to apply this to make dome shaped

I am in the process of making this piece and I need it to have the slight dome shape. I have tried many things in vain over the last four hours or so. I finally resorted to asking the gurus here on the forum. I am assuming this is quite simple but so far not for me. Here is a screen shot and I have attached the file.
All my best Danny

mimbres3.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hi Lopacki - if the attached is what you are after, see the ProjectObjects script, here:


mimbres3_PG.3dm (3.2 MB)


Make a flat surface with the same topology (probably Trimmed or Revolved) as the domed surface, and about the same diameter.
Position it so your floating objects are on the surface.

Then use Flow along surface.
The objects to flow are your curves parts.
The base surface is the new flat one you will make.
The target surface is the domed surface

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Thank you Pascal and John I will get right on both of these and report back my results. Its getting late in a long day but for sure I will get back tomorrow.

Thank you again for the fast response… Danny

John your solution almost worked perfectly too tired to play any more I am sure I will get it. Thanks again.

Awesome script @pascal. Thanks.

Hi lopacki,
John’s workflow is spot-on. I drew a line (radius) from the origin 2", Top viewport, revolve to make base surface. Took the original radius and projected it down on to the magenta domed surface, then repeated the revolve tool on the now-arced curve, creating a target surface that exactly matched the base surface and perfectly concentric with the original dome. Flow along surface hit it out of the park.

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mimbres3wflow.3dm (5.1 MB)

Just followed your instructions and it worked perfectly.
Thanks to you John and Pascal

All my best Danny

For the FlowAlongSrf technique, which is indeed the way to go in this case, you can just SetPt, in Z only, a copy of the domed surface to the lower edge of the stuff to flow - use the result as the base surface for FlowAlongSrf.



Very slick, Pascal. I love the elegant simplicity; the perfect solution!

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Thanks Pascal this is a bit easier than Dhall which worked great. I am in the process of doing quite a few domed designs so I will use this simple solution, I figured there was a simple way just could not get my head in the proper direction.

Thank you all again … Danny

good solution