Projecting a lot of control points is too laggy

Hi , projecting a lot of control points (250K) of a mesh or surface into a polysurface is taking for ever , i have a very powerful computer , and tested out with other softwares it was fast , but rhino wasn’t that fast , is there any workaround or settings that i can make it faster ?

are you using drape or what do you mean by projecting?

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Drape is got limited resolution unfortunately thats another problem here , no im not using drape , im creating a planar mesh with a lot of uvs and then i turn controlpoints on , then use project command to project them into a poly surface , thats helpful to create draft angle for mold designing

What are you trying to do to add draft? What are you making?

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Please dont pingpong the question , i appreciate your participation here but the question is clear , this type of projection is helpful when we want a design of a part to get out of the mold , (and im doing it with another program right know for many years)

Hello - can you please post an example file?


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The question is succinct and clear and deserves a succinct answer. Unfortunately the context is which the question is set is not clear, and not helped by your illustration, which is, I suspect, why people feel the need to ask supplementary questions.

You have the context firmly in your head - the rest of us don’t have that advantage… Please elaborate.



i could reproduce some performance-issues with 100x100 pts mesh

project_mesh.3dm (7.1 MB)

also the selection of the _project command seems a bit inconsistent for meshes.
it will select points / mesh-Edges that will become curves
it will generate sinle points out of a pointcloud.
(tested on mac os x)

@jeremy5 @hamed.desighn
yes i agree, the question was not clear - it would be nice to describe a precise workflow to reproduce the error and provide a sample file as pascal questioned.

kind regards -tom

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Hehe, short and painless
Would you like to try this in Grasshopper ?

NEEEVER, boah these are wishes like in EuropeanZooUnion, mayby only for enough best opals. :fist_left:

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Rather than projecting the control points you might try creating a point cloud from the mesh, explode it into individual points and project the points. On an aging laptop 400K points projected in a few minutes whereas 200K control points were going nowhere after 20.


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No example file, no system info … :-1:

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Grasshopper shot in to 2,52 Mio points,
Points created, Molded, reference moved, tooks minutes with my lame duck.


@eddi How did you do that ? thats my answer my friend , im begging youuuuu , just tell me .

But wait a sec , is that a mesh ? or just a grid of points ?

wasn’t that helpful , i want that specific surface to became projected into those surfaces not only points .

Oh dear, what a shame you didn’t say so before

I needn’t have wasted my time on a response that wasn’t what you wanted.

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@eddi 's solution must be a thing, it depends whats the output btw , iguess i said it at first tho ,

i have a solution my self , but it is yet time consuming comparing to blender’s shrinkwrap , the point is to select CPs in 5K clusters and do the project each time so rhino wont get freeze .

Why don’t you post your file?

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there is no file , just draw a solid cube and rotate it and put a plane in bottom , the add a plane mesh with high resolution like 500 X 500 on top , then activate the control points , then use sel controlpoints command and then use project then select the polysurfaces in buttom thats it , I can’t upload an industrial model for public.

Im so sorry @martinsiegrist friend of mine , i didn’t knew that it was wrong .

Hey, you asked for help. Therefore it would be nothing but convenient and nice from your side to provide a file. In many situations a file also helps to avoid confusion.


@hamed.desighn please stay polite !