Lag when using commands

Hi everyone,

I’m using Rhino v5 everyday and I have some problem with commands that make rhino lagging.
I’m an architect and drawing 2D and 3D models. My files is about 500 mb sometimes more sometimes less.
At some point, all my actions like drag and drop, move, copy, etc. are lagging.
It make rhino experience feels really bad.

Anyone have a solution to avoid this ?

Best regards,


Have you tried these files in the Rhino 6 Beta? A lot of work has gone into that, exactly to make a much better rhino experience.

Apart from that, one of the “tricks” you could try is to hide everything that you are not actively working with and / or if you need other geometry as a visual reference, mesh objects you are not actively working with and hide their NURBS versions.

Hi Wlm,

I didn’t had the occasion to open those file in Rhino 6. I’ll definitly do that.
I allready work with layer and hide object to not have all the geometry at the same tame. But it not change a lot.
Do you think it has something to do with my GPU?

Most likely, yes. Could you post your OpenGL information?
Rhino Options > View > OpenGL or use the SystemInfo command.


Your GPU drivers are a year old. It is recommended to update these - also before trying Rhino 6.

Ok, i will do that.
Many thanks

Hi Jeremy - does selection lag as well? Are you dealing with mostly curves/lines/polylines or surfaces and meshes? If curves, are there linetypes applied?


Hi Pascal,

I’m using mostly curves, lines/poly and surfaces at the same time.
My curves have no particular settings.

best regards.