Projecting a lot of control points is too laggy

My main language isn’t english , and im so sorry if i wasn’t polite , @martinsiegrist im so sorry my friend , but literally there is no file , this question is general and not related to a specific case and not needed a file , again im so sorry @martinsiegrist

Even for general situations it’s your task to provide a file, so the person helping you does not have to assume anything. Many times people struggle because of an overlooked stupid little detail. Might not be the case here but it’s much easier for anyone to help when there is a file.

In addition to this, you mention your very powerful computer. Very powerful … this is relative and does not mean anything.

Type SystemInfo and paste the entire system info in a new post would help developpers pinpoint why you’re experiencing problems


So, continuing the guessing game…

Is the idea that you want to go from this:

to this?

And do you want the result to be a polysurface or a mesh?

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first one and mesh

I guess thats not needed as our friend @Tom_P posted a file and photo already you can try it by yourself .

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