Project to a surface, in perspective

I need to project a shape I have traced of Object1 from a photo of the object1 on a dome taken at an oblique angle to the dome (most folk take photos at angles, nightmare for scaling to correct size)
I can turn my drawn dome to match the view in perspective view, I run Project command, select my traced object, select the dome and nothing appears, but wait, lets run select last created, I thin sliver in yellow (selected object colour) exists at dome base. no use at all.

How does one project an object to a surface in perspective view ?

Or is there another prog for this. I used one that matched your object to a photo, by selecting source and destination points.
Rhino had something but as soon as mouse was moved and the view moved it lost it completely. No use whatsoever.

Its no good using ortho as I need to get the dome into an oblique perspective orientation to match the photo so the object hits it where it was on the original shape.

see attached. file

Project fail persp view.3dm (706.4 KB)


Hello - Project always works off of the current CPlane normal in V5. You could set the CPlane to the view and project. It will not project ‘in perspective’, it will be a parallel projection, however. I’d project with History, and then manipulate the original until the projected curve looks correct.


Hi Pascal,
when you say manipulate the original, can you explain a bit more on that, am I moving the rectangle around , and in which view ? Am I keeping the views as we see here, and using the ortho views to keep moving it about in ?
I want something quick and effective, like project normally is.
I think I like the idea of creating a Cplane matching the perspective view when I have the objects mTatching the image, then projecting in that before I move the mouse and lose the match.

To do that in which view must I be and what command to run ?
Would I be in perspective view, then run the command, I feel that would be the right presumption.

I have a problem, when I revert to my default C plane I never can get it back to how it was when the file was first created, and from then on working with it is a nightmare.

I fear Custom Cplanes as a result !

I had done all sorts of tests on this with a 3d crude aircraft and nothing ever got me back to the default Cplane and the views it first gave me.

So how do I get back to the default Cplane view where top is top of aircraft, with aircraft pointing ‘west’, front is the port side of aircraft ,left is the nose etc etc,


To return to the default views and CPlane, run 4View twice in a row, ro set the default CPlane run the CPlane command > World > Top. All of this is in the help files and the level 1 training material.


I saved the Cplane as normalPriorPerspective test,
then with perp view still matching, went set cplane to VIEW using the drop down options under ‘perspective’, projected the shape, success, then restore Cplane to normalPriorPerspective test, and it actually for once worked, all views as expected. :smiley:

I had experimented with Cplanes in V4 and found no way to return, so will experiment again with what you say.
years ago I had a post on this, with a 3D aircraft., never go to the ‘bottom’ of the problem.
Thats given me refreshed hope.

P.S I hope your avatar and you have an FFP3 mask ! in fact all at McNeel, we cant afford to lose you guys and gals ! protect yourself as well as others with an FFP3.


Idea not working, as one can see the centre of my dome is NOT the centre of the canvas dome.
I need to move the image about in perspective view and also alter the angle of view on the dome until both match.
How best can I do this, the rectangle traced on the photo of the cloth tunnel has to stay with the image for when the time comes to project it to my dome.
I see Perspective match where the street image is placed in as wallpaper, but that would make this HUGE and what about the trace I need, thats not raster so can’t be part of wallpaper.

I ideally I need a command that says pick a point on the model then same on the photo, repeat as many times as one wishes minimum 5 (or 4 ?), then hit ok and it marries the orientation of the two together and creates the camera viewpoint. thats what I need. Then with that created in Perspective view, set Cplane to View, (save it also as such) then select my trave, run project and select dome.

Happy Bunny !

so I pick top of dome in both, then right, etc 12, 6, 9 oclock positions and importantly then THE CENTRE, and it aligns both and creates camera viewpoint, al matches in perspective, rest as above.

How is that done ?

Currently I am trying to angle the photo with its trace relative to the dome in top view trying to recreate the angle the photographer was at relative to the dome when he took the photo and one small move puts it out, like balancing a ball on a knife edge.

have we a command that does that above, perhaps OrientObjectToPhoto.

the file I had attached can be played with, it has embedded image, all what some kind soul would need.