Projecting fails if surface selected in perspective view

I select the curves to project in front view, then as the surface is hidden from my view by a surface ‘nearer me’ I select perspective view, select it there, then activate the Front view again and hit enter.

I get message ‘The Projection missed the selected objects’

The objects being projected in Front view sit on the Cplane and the surface is the far side of them.

Prior to this the same objects were projected to a surface sitting nearer me, so they had to be projected towards me as such, thus proving this is possible, as I was able to select them then the surface all in Front view, and it worked.

It just doesnt like the user exiting out to select surface in another view then hopping back into Front view for example.

Solution is to move aside the surface blocking the view then move it back, both surfaces sitting on the same layer.
…or change Front view to Back view !


Hi Steve - You’ll just need to temporarily set the CPlane in the perspective view to Front.


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Any reason why perpsective view selection of surface gets Rhino into a tangle ?

I find Cplanes scary, they cause my 3d arena to go a bit odd at times, I wil make Front view as back, that way I can select surface and it all works.

safer !


It does not get into a tangle- it has to decide at some point what plane to use as a basis for the projection. It’s just not the point you expect. (FYI, in V6 there will be options to use the View direction or to set your own custom direction on Project.)


If you get disoriented, you can always reset cplane to world top in the perspective view. If you’ve only changed the cplane once you can set cplane previous.

Don’t sell yourself short by avoiding cplane orientation!

Thanks for the advice,

I will explore Cplanes more but had done indepth experiments and just never got back to where I was, I reckon I was relying on revert to named Cplane and not knowing that WORLD TOP held the extra secret to getting the views I had all back as I like them.

I do wish though that having selected the items to project in e.g. Front, I could pick the surface in perspective then click back to the ‘Front’ ortho window and have it do the projection.