"Project" fails if surface to project on is selected in perspective view

As titled, it works in other views, but only not in perspective, please fix it, many thanks.

Project goes normal to (perpendicular to), the construction plane in the active viewport. By default, the Perspective viewport uses the World Top CPlane. When viewing in the Top viewport, are your curves over the surface you’re projecting too?

As far as I can tell (running 5A745), Project is working as designed.
If you have a model that illustrates a problem, please post it in a reply.

thanks for the reply.

nope they are not overlapping in top view, both items were in the exact position, just “project” failed when i was doing it in the perspective, (as well as the top and right view), and worked out totally fine when in front view,

oh, so it only works in the view where the curve is over the surface?

Many thanks.

Project only projects vertical, or normal, to the active construction plane of the viewport. Perspective and Front have different construction planes by default.


so changing the plane to front in perspective is the only way to use project within perspective view?

Just i don’t recall having such problems in windows, many thanks.

Test 2 copy.3dm (477.1 KB) ro thanks

Correct. It is and always has been thus in Windows as well.


noted, thanks