Project onto a sphere while maintaining length

I need to place a strip of 1" velcro onto a spherical surface. Is there a way to somehow project a rectangle or plane onto a sphere, while maintaining the length/width of the rectangle or plane? I realize that there would be some amount of stretching involved in projecting onto a surface that is curved in 2 directions.

I remember reading about the squish command, and how you could “unsquish” something back onto an object. Would that be the right approach?

I’m just going to move my rectangle as close to the surface as possible, then use the Pull cmd to wrap it to closest point. Seems to work pretty good. :smile:

I think you’re talking about the flow along surface command?

It’s not the most accurate way, if you needed it to be exact you could project two parralel lines onto the sphere with a 1" gap between them, trim the lines you’ve projected from one end (roughly where you want the velcro to start) and then divide the curves by the length you require, trim then close.

That will give you an accurate rectangle on the surface… There is a command to alter the length of a curve but I forget what it is.

Subcrv is the command I was trying to remember

Cool thanks!

Yep - SquishBack should help.