Flowing curve on a spherical surface (Urgent)

Hello, I have created a surface based on a mesh on which I need to project this curve. My goal is to keep the shape and size while getting the curvature of the surface.
I’ve tried doing this using Flowalongsrf, Flow, Orientonsrf, Splop (no idea how to use that tbh) and many other options. None gives me the results I am expecting.

This is the final product I am trying to archive.

curve.3dm (77.8 KB)

couldnt you trim it, i may be missing something but from the pic it looks like trim would do what you need,

you can try the command boss, when the curve is exactly over the surface, that will create this offset with one command. just see if this is ok for you since it will create the inner offset straight so not warped.

otherwise you can use squish with option floppy for example to create a flattened surface from your warped one, then lay your curve on it select the flattened surface and use squishback then select the curve. after that you can trim the hole into the surface and offset as you wish.

or upload the file for others to have a look.

@Michael_Mackinnon I tried to extrude and trim with the extrusion but it deforms the surface, in the sense, my curvature needs to be bigger than if my curve was a sticker i stick on the surface.

@RichardZ I also tried your solutions. They haven’t helped me, boss wouldn’t work at all as my curve is bigger than the straight top view of the warped surface. Squishing and Squishing back gave me some results but it was still disorted.

I attached the file if anyone wants to take a look and help me!

@Sara_Walasik Does the curve represent the outline of a flat surface you want to apply to the surface? If so the shape you want to project the curve on has compound curvature and is not developable. That means it is impossible to apply a flat surface to it without deforming the originally flat surface. That’s a geometric, not Rhino, limitation.

From what I understand it is. I tend to describe it as the curve is a sticker made out of paper (nonstrechable matherial) and I want to stick it on the curve that I have created. Previously I have been able to archive satisfting results using Unroll and FlowalongSrf commands. That was on different warped surfaces that were only warped in one direction. With this particular case i struggle to get the shape right as this shape doesn’t simply Unroll. Smashing or UnrollUV doesn’t seem to do what i need as well.
If as, you say it’s impossible to do what I want, do you have any idea how to archive such a shape?

since you have to resize the curve anyway why not doing that manually,
you gain more control and then just boss again.

for a correct squish back you may have to find out how the curve will be transported back
so a few tests but otherwise even though your curve is a bit messy it still works perfectly.

curve.3dm (208.3 KB)

Can you use Pull command to get the curve you have to create a curve
on the surface of the surface you have?
Then trim?

For the inner lifted part, similar pull can be done to split but,
first the curve you have needs to be either placed more away from the curve or scaled down.
curve_pull.3dm (299.2 KB)

It kind of looks like the final output you want is deformed after the surface are made flat though…

Everything you guys suggest is very nice, but I am still unsure how to archive the result that had been archived in the example I gave you. A person who made it had been using Rhino and the same curve as I have and they have pulled the look out, I need to change it but I need to change the angle of curvature slightly. Does anyone have an idea how to do it? Or perhape edit the mesh to let it have a different angle of the low curvature?

@Toshiaki_Takano, what do you mean here ?[quote=“Toshiaki_Takano, post:8, topic:45949”]
It kind of looks like the final output you want is deformed after the surface are made flat though…

Hi, I meant here that what you want is achieved through something like bend to deform surface or flowalongsrf, (as opposed to how I made it in the previous post).

I have used the ol’ good method of start all over and i am getting decent results using FlowalongSrf :slight_smile: