Wrap vectors/splines around a sphere


I’m trying to wrap an outline of a world map onto a sphere with the project command, but the results are not very good as the vectors/splines gets distorted and so on. So my question is if there are any methods to wrap this around a sphere like some sort of sphere mapping for textures?

Use Squish on the sphere and then with your curves laid out over the flattened/squished sphere, use SquishBack to pull the curves back to the original sphere.

Have a look at this file 01v4.3dm (641.4 KB) the layer names are descriptive.
With history enabled for flowalongsurface you can even edit the curves on the plane and see them update on the sphere in realtime.


Wow thank you so much! Is there a way to convert the surface into a solid? And is there an automatic tracing option, or do one have to trace the pic manually?