Project extruded polysurface onto surface

Hello, I have a flat object, already extruded and edge filleted, etc. and I want to project it onto a dome. I do not want to project its curves onto a dome and remodel it for various reasons. I’m looking to simply project and deform the existing polysurfaces onto another target surface. How can this be done?



check the FlowAlongSrf command and also the Splop command
execute each command and then press F1 to see how each one works

I assume you do not want the object “flattened” onto the dome.

Try FlowAlongSrf.

You will need to create a flattened version of the dome as the base surface. You could use Squish or Squash. Place the object on the base surface and then use FlowAlongSrf

If you need more assistance upload a .3dm file with the relevant geometry.

Not having any luck - it doesn’t let me select areas of the dome as “corners.” See attached for what I’m trying to do…

Squishing the dome tears it, and doesn’t result in some selectable in any case. Rhino 6.

Hello Mike,

I do not see a file?

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base and target surfaces should have similar point structure

Revolving the base surface made it happen - now the trick is to get the flow to not “stretch” the deformation non-uniformly. The goal is to have the same proportions as if projecting curves onto the dome and modeling from there.