Project Files for Thea 4 Rhino 2.0?

Hi. I’m trying out Thea for Rhino 2.0 and it sure would make it easier if there were some demo project files. Anyone have a cool file or two?


I also asked for a project file on the Thea home forum without any reply. I guess there just aren’t many Rhino users to warrant the support. If any Thea (for Rhino) developers follow these forums it sheds a very uncommitted light onto the rendering app.

Well, there are many users :wink: V2 is still brand new … Try to contact George from Thea directly i bet he’ll answer any related questions and for sure he will share some test scene.

@PaulS, please post your impression here. I’m very curious what you think, since you tested a lot of engines.

I wish, but he has seen my request and hasn’t answered.

Micha - I will but I am struggling to trouble shoot a very simple issue and continue to come up short. My initial impression of things is not very positive. Mostly user error, I’m sure, but I usually can get things fairly quickly. Maybe some of the Pros will jump in and give the software support a hand.

@PaulS i’m beta from Thea tell me what you need - to be honest im not sure whats that bad new UI of Thea is transparent and more than easy to use.

Thanks! Just a simple scene with a few primitives - cube, a sphere and a cylinder. A glass, a metal and a plastic material with an environment HRDI map for reflections and refraction.

Hi PaulS

I can make that but with Rhino 5 or 6 with Thea 1.5 or 2.0 if you want that i can help.

Here you are: 4PS.3dm (212.2 KB)

And in this panel you need to put your hdr/ibl image:

Heres quick prev with studio hdr:

Thanks so much…I’ll give it a try a little later today.

Thea test.3dm (39.4 KB)

I just downloaded Thea2 and was able to set up a basic scene on my own is a couple of minutes and render in Rhino6. Seems to be some controls missing such as the Environment as shown above but then when I down load the two files here and open in Rhino I get a crash when I start the viewport window.

My test file saved as Rhino 2.0 .

Thanks for the upload Foreigner.

A general question. One the environment map rotation is it only numerical or is there a way to rotate it interactively? Scroll the gizmo and the map rotates in realtime in the Darkroom view.

Also, how does one remove the object outlines in window render? It’s like the objects are ghosted.

In my test i’m just using Sun and Skylight but if want to use HDri map only numerical to rotation it (0 - 360) deg.
So if you want to see rotation effects use Map In BG and change viewport mode “Thea Render”.



So I found that I had to load the Thea tab and now have the controls there that I thought were missing. I can see the glass, leather and other materials but they didn’t retain their Thea Material settings from the Thea Test file. Do they not get saved with the Rhino6 files as Thea materials? I’ll try loading those mats from the original source.

Thanks…I knew there was a way!