Project Files for Thea 4 Rhino 2.0?

I was save that file as Rhino 2.0 , means the mat and some settings for Thea needs to be change, so i will try to save it again as rh6 file.

Could be great to get an interior scene for start testing, so that possibly speed and quality can be estimated.

Here an old file from a simple test some years before. Maybe it can be used as starter scene. But if someone has an other ready scene, it would be nice too.
Interior testscene (8.7 MB)

Hello everyone! This is George from the Thea Team.
We recently updated the manual with a “First Steps” paragraph showing how to setup the interface for Thea.
You can download the manual from the following link: (click on the Manual button)

@foreigner: Currently there is no way to sync the IBL with the Thea Sun but it is in our task list.

We are planning to create demo scenes but it might take a while. Please let me know if you need any help with Thea for Rhino.


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Thanks George.

I can’t say it enough times that when a new version is coming out, of any software, and much effort is spent on promotion of this fact, if there are no demo scenes or an easy way to get instant gratification potential sales get lost.

For someone just checking out the software to see ‘if’ they want to spend some time learning it, it’s too easy for one to give up out of frustration and go to something else.

But if something cool can be rendered in a minute or two, interest will stay.

Thank you , sure i know Thea is cool render engine .