"Project" command direction only CPlaneZ

Is it possible in the “Project” command to specify other axes of the current Cplane for the projection direction (e.g. Y and X)? Options in the command seem to be only “CPlaneZ, View and Custom” at the moment and I can’t seem to find a way to make it CPlaneY or CPlaneX.

Dear @Daniel_Krajnik

there should be an option for custom projection-direction.
at least for Rhino 7.

if you re on an older Rhino Version you can set a custom c-plane before running the project command and set the c-plane back afterwards.
i recommend to save the c-plane under NamedCplanes

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You can make macros for the other directions using the Custom option

CPlane X:
! _Project _Direction _Custom _Pause _Pause 0,0,0 1,0,0

CPlane Y:
! _Project _Direction _Custom _Pause _Pause 0,0,0 0,1,0

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The Custom direction option was added in Rhino 6. There is also a View direction option.

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thanks everyone, agreed that asking for CPlaneY and CPlaneX may be too pedantic when there is a custom direction option available already and one can just hold Shift to snap to the other two axes.

If one was really fussy about it, you could argue that as a matter of good UX/consistency/however one might call it other commands do let you flip between CPlanes’ axes (by clicking the “CPlane” option and swtiching between them) IIRC, so one might expect this option available in the “project”, as well, but…

But there are probably more important features to work on, so just thanks for confirming.