Make 2D to custom CPlane

I want to make drawings using MAKE2D command in custom Cplane. After crashing Rhino, something went wrong and I cant find how to restore it.

When I create new CPlane the view changes but not the directions X Y Z.

And it makes drawings by WORLD planes.
2023-08-16 10_26_55-Rhino 7 Commercial

sometimes running ‘4view’ twice resets all 4 windows , and then you might be able to go back to your saved custom c-plane

Hi Ignas -

I’m not sure what you are reporting in that image. The position of the world axes in the bottom-left corners of the viewports show that you are using Universal CPlanes, and that appears to be doing what it should.

I’m not aware of anything that makes Make2D create 4 views at the same time based on anything other than the world CPlanes. To use custom CPlanes, you’d have to use the CPlane option 4 times.

Thanks, looks like my head was overheated :slight_smile: Yes, it is not possible to make third/first angle projections from CPlane.
I had a grasshopper script for that :smiley: