Projecting curves with CPlane directions

Hi everybody,

I’m designing a pattern to project on a revolved surface and I’m in trouble with one of the directions (green line) I want to project, matching the CPlane I created (45ºZ from original CPlane).

I need to project a part of the pattern attending this direction with the _Project command because I’m using the History (Project>Symmetry>PolarArray) to modify the original curve (magenta) while I’m able to see how it is dropped on the surface.

Is it possible to _Project using the CPlane direction in stead of the World Plane directions as usual?
I’ve tried with a Plan CPlane view but it stills launching the curve with the original X or Y direction.
Any alternative workflow that doesn’t crash the History?

Thank you!!

Hi Jordi - Project always uses the current CPlane Z direction as the projection direction in V5. Can you post an example?


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Hi Pascal,
Thanks for your fast reply!

After a couple of tests I’ve found the correct way…

I didn’t know about the Z direction predominance and I was also doing something wrong with the 3point CPlain setting so my CPlane was not staying after the 3point definition.

Now I’ve set the CPlane perpendicular to my saved view and it’s fixed there in the correct position, so now I can get the projection I was trying.

Thank you very much!