RHino 6> project & choosing cplane


when I use the project command, Rhino seems to pick the cplane from the viewport in which the geometry to project onto is selected.

I think this is not practical, and it is different than it used to be.

It would be preferable if the command picks up the cplane from the viewport where the final “enter” is made.

eg. when I want to pick one of two surfaces that are behind each other in the view where I want to project, then selecting the surface is much easier in a 3d viewport… but the the projection misses the object…

hope this makes sense.


Hi Daniel- As far as I can see so far this works as in V5 as far as workflow goes. - but V6 adds the ability to set a custom or view direction as well.


yeah, you are right… I remembered it to work different.
I just think it would make sense to either pick up the cplane from the view the command is launched or, even better where it is completed.(so after selecting, one can activate another viewport/cplane) Not sure if it makes sense to relate it to where you pick the geometry to project onto.