Project points to 3D surface - direction

I try to project poits to a 3D surface with a direction, but the option does not show as it is described on Rhinoceros Help.

Anyone knowing how to solve this?

Note that Project projects into the direction of the active CPlane.
Perhaps you want to use Pull in your case?

I’m not sure what option you are referring to. The Project command can only use the active CPlane as the projection direction, if you need a custom project direction, you will either need to create a custom CPlane whose normal is your desired direction, or use some sort of script…



Thanks for replies.

What I refer to is this:|Alphabetical|P%2C%20Q|_____38

I am not sure what a CPlane is to be honest.
Can you help me out please?

I’m re-categorizing this to Rhino for Mac…

I don’t have RH5 installed on a Mac around me at this point but that seems to be another case of spill-over pollution from the help file of RH6 @margaret, @dan.

The option of picking a direction is not available in RH5 for Windows but is there in the WIP of RH6.

That’s likely to make it very hard to model in Rhino.
Please read this topic in the help file.

I found the solution now, thanks fpr your help.

I just have to be in the right view when doing the project.

Thanks again.

Not so much as to be in a viewport with the right (as in correct) Construction Plane. There are a lot more commands to move and reorientate the CPlane in a view than I am seeing in the help file topic that @Wim is linking to.
I reading in several threads on this forum that people are hesitant to use the feature, yet I believe it is one of the cornerstones of 3D design in Rhino, so it pays to learn to use it.


Can you clarify this a little. What commands are you referring to? The linked topic is simply an overview of what a construction plane is. At the bottom of the topic is a list of commands that have to do with construction planes. The CPlane command is the one with a lot of the options for manipulating construction planes.

Quite right… Sorry about that. I have removed the Direction option from the Help for the Mac.

I was referring to the multiple icons on the Cplane Palette. I realize that many of those will have the same effect as the options under the CPlane command, however it would be helpful to mention it. I am missing the “Set CPlane by X-axis” and “…Z-axis” in the Help file, nor are they available as options for the “CPlane” command…


Yes, Max.

Sorry about the missing options direction options. I have fixed the help
file to remove those from the Mac help for now. You have to use Rhino 6 WIP
for that, or the macros in the CPlanes palette. For the toolbar palette
help page, at the top of the help page, under Toolbar, click CPlanes.

~M Becker