Project and Link Model Internal Origin Points

Hi Guys,

Good day, how can I extract the internal origin of the project and link model internal origin points? I would like to make my project internal origin be to aligned with the link model internal point.


Hello @sketzjewel ,

I am still not totally sure what you are trying to achieve… so let me know if this helps you out…

Link_InternalOrigin (16.3 KB)

Also, I would like to add that we can not move a project’s internal origin… what we can move is the survey point and the base points.

So, what I am thinking of is to link your “MAIN” (actual project) inside the “LINKED” (currently linked project)… Relocate the MAIN project inside the LINKED project to align correctly and publish the shared coordinates to the MAIN project. Now reopen the MAIN project and link the LINKED project using shared coordinates so that they now align inside the MAIN project.

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Thanks Mohamed, you are a champ!