Link Model Survey Point Data

Hi Guys,

How can I extract the link model survey point data? it only exposed to me the live project survey point details rather than the link model survey point?


Hi Joel, I’m not quite following. What are the live project survey point details vs the link model survey point?

Project 1 is the linked document, correct?

Hi @Joel_Ocampo,

You are connecting to the ‘Shared Site’ input instead of the ‘Project’ input.

The component should turn red in your case but looks like we have a bug here.

Please try this instead.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your quick response, what l am trying to do is to get the link model survey point, xyz and then align my revit project survey point onto it. My issue is l cannot get link model survey point.

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Hi @Joel_Ocampo,

What do you mean by “the link model survey point”?

The definition above should query all linked models, and for each linked model give you its survey point on the ‘Survey Point’ output. Is not what you are looking for?

Those two post are related:


Joel, If you are trying to acquire shared coordinates here is a helpful resource.

Getting the Survey Points from the Linked Model as a Plane is working as expected.

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Thank you guys for the assistance, nice stuff! cheers.