Survey Point and Project Point


I’d like to move my Revit geometry from Revit’s internal origin to the survey point before I bake it in Rhino.

I’m using the ‘Project location’ component to extract the survey point. I’ve assumed that x,y and z of the survey point will be in relation to Revit’s internal origin … but the output seems to be different?

Shouldnt ‘A’ in the first screenshot be the same as the dims in the second screenshot … eg the difference between the internal and survey points? (please note that in my project the internal and project point are in the same location)

I hope that all makes sense.

Many thanks,


Are your Revit and Rhino models in the same unity system?

Hi @eirannejad,

no they are not. revit is in mm and Rhino in m.

…but that shouldnt be a problem?


So Grasshopper follows the Rhino unit system and does the conversion when reading values. Make sure they are the same. Grasshopper actually prompt you if they are different.

Hi @eirannejad,

Thanks for your response but I’m not sure whether this got to do with the units as the numbers seem to be complete random.

I’ve set up another example project and everything works as expected.

The project origin equals the internal origin and the survey point is offset by -2500, -2300. All of this comes up correctly in GH.

Any other ides why it doesn work in the example above?

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Hi Stephan,

In your first example, is the True North aligned with the Project North?
The Survey Point should be measured using the Project North orientation (in the screenshot below PBP matches the Internal Origin).

This is written for Dynamo but it should still be valid for Rhino Inside: Dynamo Coordinate System

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Hi Giobro,

That’s the answer!

As soon as I change to Project North the coordinates are correct.

Many thanks!