Acquired coordinates and level from link model

Hi guys,

Good day, is there a routine that can acquired coordinates and level from the linked model?


Sketzjewel, please zoom in to add the Doc input to query elements from Linked files.

Thank you Japhy, kind regards.


Hi Japhy,

Is there a way to align both revit link model and project model?

Sketzjewel, Are you looking to setup shared coordinates? Can you describe the workflow you are trying to achieve in RiR?

Here is the Revit UI workflow.

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Hi Japhy,

The link model doesn’t give the correct site location data that I need and instead, it captured the my revit project location data? and gives me 7 branches?



It make sense, got an error - 1. Data conversion failed from Revit Linked Model to Shared Site

You can use the Element Location to Move your Link. The project base points etc cast to planes

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Thanks Japhy, that is awesome! It will be super handy if we can extract the link model site data and cast it to the location component?

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Use the Query Shared Site Component on the Linked doc

note that you would get the be getting a shared location and orienting a location in the open project, which is not what’s shown above (which is showing getting a shared location from a link)

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If you need to know the ‘Project Base Point’ in linked document ‘Survey Point’ coordinates this should be enough.

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Hi Japhy,

Thank you for your assistance, using this definition, it moves the project base point and level in
the same location as the link model, spot on! the issue are the values for project N/S and E/W which
are different from the link model values and the survey point didn’t match the link model survey point location but I think, it is getting there.

But this issue will be fixed once I acquired the coordinates from the link model.


Hi Kike,

Thank you for your assistance, I tried to do the same as your definition but somehow it didn’t work on my end, is there something that I missed (see image)?


Thank you very much guys for helping me on this journey, I really do appreciate it!
I am quite keen to sort this thing as it is one of the main procedures in setting up a
new revit project, I think it is getting there and just need to do a couple of trials and
sorting to make this thing works in my end!

kind regards.