Textured view problem

Hey guys,
In Rhino 6 I’ve created Textured display style out Shaded, changing display material to Rendering material (using V-Ray). It rarely works, on most objects it doesn’t show up correctly. Is it a known bug in Rhino 6? I’m talking about large scale, approx. 3 buildings.

Btw other question, if Rhino viewport is choppy and at the same time my RTX 2070 and i7 8700k usage is only around 50%, could it signal something’s not right? I would expect the GPU to be at 100% while it has problem keeping up with the viewport movement.

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Hi Jonas - does your display work if you start with Rhino render being the current renderer and not VRay?


Hi Pascal,

Although it doesn’t help, it seems to be caused by V-Ray. If I replace the layer material by a Rhino mat, this one object’s mapping shows up. Not if I replace it by a V-Ray mat.

@Peter.Chaushev, has it already been reported? V-Ray 3.6.

I’m attaching the problematic file.aaa.3dm (1.4 MB)


Will look it. Don’t think it has been reported yet, as far as I can remember.

As for the viewport “choppiness” you mentioned in the first post, does it occur only with specific projects? Is it reproducible while V-Ray is not the active renderer? If you can share any additional info, please email us at support@chaosgroup.com

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Peter Chaushev

Hi Peter, thank you very much,
I wonder if you manage to reproduce the problem with texture mapping not displaying correctly.

I doubt the performance problem is related to V-Ray.

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