Problems with offset crv both sides and solid union

Hi everyone.

At the moment I’m trying to inscribe some sketches I’ve made in illustrator onto a perspex screen in rhino. To do this I’ve opened a dxf from illustrator and I’m just trying to do a simple bit of grasshopper work where I give the lines some thickness and then solid difference from the screen. I’m running into problems with offset crv both sides where some of the crvs are working fine whilst others just won’t work. I feel like this may be something to do with line like crvs vs planar crvs but I’m very new at this so I’m just scrabbling in the dark at the moment.

I’m finding that solid union is also not working. I know solid union can be a bit of a temperamental tool but for the life of me I can’t work out why it wouldn’t work in this case. All the objects it’s trying to unite are flat extrusions where the intersections are pretty clear.

I know this .gh is a little odd, for example I’ve brought crvs in, joined them and exploded them again to try and maximise the number that offset correctly. Also any crvs do need to be exploded prior to the offset so that I don’t end up with any closed crvs when I get to cap holes that end up capping the wrong part. The resultant inscription is a little messy but I’m not too worried about that as it’s going to be seen from some distance.

If anyone can give me any suggestions or guidance on this it’d be really appreciated. My very basic knowledge has reached its limit at this point.

inscribing on screens.3dm (297.3 KB) transcription (24.8 KB)

Have a try clipper plugin.

transcription (45.8 KB)

Thank you so much, I’ll definitely have a look at that this evening. Thank you for taking the time