Offset crv issue - strangeness in offsetting a curve

Hello Everyone,

I often have a problem with offset of curves. I made a small sample where the problem is shown. The crv offset is unpredictable. Why are some values indented correctly and some not? Can someone please tell me where I am making a mistake? Please help, thanks a lot (13.4 KB)

Hi @nom,

What if you just use Grasshopper’s Offset Curve component, instead of your cluster?

– Dale

I’m sorry (it’s not my cluster), I tried more ways to offset and forgot to return the standard gh component to the sample. I have the same problem with the native gh (8.8 KB) component.

Have no idea why the error occur at 23.28, anyway in this case, you could use Offset Curve Loose.

Bug, replicable:

offset (15.4 KB)

Nom, you can consider use “Offset curve loose” which just move the control points of your curve, but is a good solution if you work with polylines.
… but, due to another old bug, you’ll need to explode and join the polygon before that.

Hi @nom,

Thanks - I’ve logged the issue.

– Dale