Offset causes strange lines shooting outward (invalid objects)

I’m working on an artwork, trying to make a portrait, not sure if this is the way I want to go with my project, but for now this is an exploration. Everything is fun, but first of all, the offsets take a long time on this collection of curves, and second of all they generate all kinds of invalid geometry.

How would I deal with the effect as seen in this image?

I tried all sorts of ways of removing invalid objects, but none work, (clean tree, Is valid with a cull pattern, etc)

See this file for the data: (4.1 MB)

Very curious what’s wrong with the curves coming out of the offsets. I don’t mind the offsets that failed, these should produce nulls right? So where do these invalid lines come from? :thinking:

Thanks for your time.

I think Clipper gives what you try to achieve: (4.1 MB)

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Hello thanks for your suggestion, I am curious how you got that to work. Because I tried clipper as well (I actually used clipper before resorting to GH built-in offset), but this just hangs on my computer. I let it run for ten minutes, but then I give up.

Edit, when I run clipper offset on only one side (instead of doing two offsets), it seems to take 4.8 minutes:
Screenshot 2021-09-25 122856

I can’t work with it this way, and the GHoffset takes a few seconds to generate at worst. I need to be able to intuitively design my artwork and to see the effect of the offset. So I’d much rather find out a way to work with the GH built in offset component.