Problems with Linear Dimensions - help required


I’m new to Rhino and this forum.

When using the Linear Dimension command I get a rectangle (no gaps, no arrows and no dimension).

When I open a new model the issue is resolved. I have checked all the settings etc but being a new user I’m probably missing something obvious. Please help


Please post your Rhino version, your OpenGL settings, and at least a screen shot of the problem.

Hi Wim

I apologise in advance, I’m only just learning Rhino.

Latest version v5

By OpenGL I hope you mean the first screen print

This illustrates the problem

The lower of the two rectangles should be the linear dimension

This one is the page at Rhino Options > View > OpenGL.

Re-reading your first post - are you saying that it only happens in that one file - and consistently so. Or is the issue resolved when you close that one file and then reopen it? If the former, could you post the file?

Select that entity (what appears to be a rectangle), what does Rhino properties say it is?

My preliminary guess is that you’ve created a dimension, but your dimension text and arrows sizes are super small. Enlarge the model space scale of your current dimension style and see what happens.

Thanks, got it. easy one, thought it must be!

thanks Wim, problem solved