Linear dimensions in Rhino 6

I noticed that in Rhino 6 whenever I want to take a horizontal or vertical dimension in the model space the dimension snaps to the longest distance between the ending points rendering this way the horizontal or vertical useless. In other words if I take a horizontal dimensions between 0,0,0 and 20,60,0 I end up with the vertical dimension of 60 instead of the horizontal 20 regardless where I choose the dimension line location. I didn’t noticed this in Rhino 5 or in early releases of Rhino 6.

Can you please post a simple example file that shows the problem you’re describing?
Also, please describe exactly which dimension command you’re using and where you’re using it from.

A line constructed in Rhino 6 from 0,0,0 to 20,60,0 and the Horizontal dimension icon from the Drafting toolbox will do just that.

Here is a quick screenshot of the issue.

Interesting. I see that.
Something is goofy.

If instead you use the linear dimension icon just to the left of the Horizontal one, click your two points, and move the pointer above or below the line, you’ll get the horizontal dimension you want.

I’ll get a defect report filed.

Yes, that one work properly.

RH-55719 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate