Dimension bug(?) Rhino v 6

I have just finished an intense 2D drafting project in Rhino v 6 sr13. It seems there is a breakdown in the dimension tools in that when I click Vertical Dimension button - point 1 - point 2. If the horizontal distance between points 1 & 2 is greater than the vertical distance, I get a horizontal dimension - NOT a vertical dimension. The same case plays out for Horizontal Dimension button as well. The Linear Dimension tool performs as expected but it is helpful to constrain to the preferred axis.


Hi Robb - I see this and will file it. The weird thing is that in my personal template file, this works as it should.

hmmm… seems like it works as it should in factory-default templates as well - but only when you are not dimensioning in the world Top CPlane…

Thanks for reporting!

Added as item RH-51445

As these dimensions were applied to Make 2D lines and curves, they were all in World Top CPlane. I don’t do this often but when I do…