Problems with Karmaba3Dgetlicense from Zoo Server

Hi we are using Zooserver 6 SR21 , Rhino 6.0 and Karamba3D.

Through testing everything works fine, but when we started our courses with 20 Students - they where not able to get a License from Karamba3D.

On Zooserver i see the PCname and username and that Rhino and KAramba license is signed to the user. But on the client there comes an error when we start “Karamba3dgetlicense” : “Can not initialize license properly.”

So if we do this many times it works after 1-7 tries sometimes never.
Please help us.

Info: we installed one machine with all our software and then we made an image from it. with this image all the other Computers were generated.

Dear @p.brandstaetter,

are you using the 1.3.3 version of Karamba. Did the license activate successfully on the initial machine?


We have a similar problem
We have installed Rhino7 and Karamba 3D(1.3.3) on a VM on Microsoft Azure. The VM are multi-users connection.
On Zooserver we see the hostname and username for rhino and karamba licence , but on client only the first connection on the VM can get the karamba licence , the others comes with the error “Can not initialize licence properly”.
The problem is only with karamba, no problem with rhino that works properly
Can you help us ?

Hi, we have not tested the licenses on VM Microsoft Azure and therefore cannot offer any support at the moment. Can we maybe offer a temporary license solution with a standalone or cloud license? We will need to investigate the VM licensing.

Same issue here. Physical PC, Rhino 7 and Zoo 7. it will not work.

anyone got to the bottom of the cause of this issue?

Do you also have the same error message with a physical pc or do you receive a different error message?