Karamba using both license

Hi, I am currently running into an issue where karamba is checking out both a cloud license and zoo license for the same machine and I can’t find a way to disable to cloud license on this machine.
Is there anyway to stop it from checkout out both?


Hi @christopher.ho,

do you have it set up in your Rhino that upon start it runs the commands ‘karamba’ and ‘karamba3dgetlicense’?

The first pulls the license from the old network license server, and the second one pulls the license from the pull. Therefore it may be that it has pulled two licenses for each command.


I have it set up as only karamba and never tell it to call karamba3dgetlicense.


Hi @christopher.ho,

this should not be the case if you are not using the command Karamba3DGetLicense.

As a quick fix, try to log out of your rhino account by typing “logout” in Rhino.
Upon opening Rhino, login once again to your account and make sure the cloud licenses is not loaded.

Otherwise, please write us an email if the problem still persists.

That seems to have fixed it.