Karamba - "No Karamba3DLicense licenses available"

Hi. In testing v2.2.0.8 prior to deploying to our users, I get the above message when running ‘Karamba3DGetLicense’.

We run a Zoo server locally (so, not Cloud Zoo) and it’s showing 6 licenses, 3 of which are in use. What I notice, however, is that the ‘Product’ name is “Karamba 1.x.x. Professional”. Do I need to obtain an updated license file?

Hi, the license works for Karamba 1.3.3 and above, so for the latest version it should not be an issue.

Can you please email us so that we can double check our license for you?



I’ve got an issue with th new version of Karamba since I’ve try to update it from the YAK installer, I get this message when I open Rhino :

CRhinoLicenseValidator object registration error
A PlugIn can only have one CRhinoLicense Validator-derived object

Besides, when I try to type KarambaGetLicence in Rhino it tells me that it could not get a licensed. And when I open GH and I try to see which version of Karamba is installed, I get that the latest is correctly installed but in trial mode…

Can you help me, because I’m far from a geek and besides english is not mother’s tongue, and I quickly need to get my Karamba back for my work.

Hi, if you receive this error, you need to make sure to uninstall either the Yak version or the installer version of Karamba3D. You cannot have conflicting installations of Karamba3D on your computer.

We’re sorted now, thanks. As our license is pre-2020, I had to use our “old” Karamba_1_x_x_Rhino6Plugin.rhp.

Getting all our users on to using the post-2020 license is a job for another day!


I have almost the same problem but Rhino ask me to add two licences :


What can I do?

Thx for the help!

Hi, please see our manual: https://manual.karamba3d.com/troubleshooting/4.3.-miscellaneous-problems/4.3.1-installation-issues

you have conflicting versions of Karamba3D installed. Please make sure to uninstall one.

Hi Matt,

One of my co-worker has this problem. I have uninstalled the Karamba3D in the Package Manager as we need to have this .gha file inside Karamba folder (don’t know why it is installed by Rhino package manager to begin with as I installed Rhino from fresh). However this issue still persist and GH cannot reference all plugins correctly. Could you please take a look?

Hi, you should check if Karamba has been installed in the plugins folder of your Rhino installation.


Hi Matthew,

Yes there is Karamba folder inside the Rhino plugin folder

Try to uninstall everything and remove all contents inside the folder. Then reinstall Karamba using the installation file.