Problems with Form Finding

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I am trying to model the funicular form of a triangular gridshell under gravity loading, using Karamba. The plan shape of the gridshell needs to be circular.
I think that the problem is with the supports because for some reason, the gridshell is not deflecting in any way upon the application of the load.
I have attached the file below. Can someone please help?

Thank you!

experiment 6 (triangular mesh).gh (24.7 KB)

Hi @michela_m,
You have defined the supports wrong in your definition as you have fixed every point in your structure. Maybe you should only place supports at the edge of your structure.

Yes that seems to be the problem. How do I go about doing that, exactly?
I have tried to use the naked points option but it doesn’t seem to work.

also, thank you so much for your time!

Hi @michela_m

You must select only your edges points.
i use a C# components found on the forum

Duplicate points must be eliminated before defining your support points

experiment 6 (triangular mesh) (28.4 KB)


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you are a godsent!!
thank you so much!

I truly appreciate it

may I ask why you flattened the element support and load in the assemble model? and why there only seems to be one force acting at the middle, as opposed to having the whole structure deflect under gravity loading?

thanks again for your help!

I dont know why the visualisation show only one vector, but its seem when we look your displacement that the gravity load is well applied on the whole structure.

Vector color is brown for gravity load

and red for a nodal force

You don’t define shell cross section, by default, it’s a 1cm thickness S235 steel shell
If you compare the mass model in kg with the sum of réactions you find the same values.

got it! thank you! this was very helpful :slight_smile: